Screening Room

 The Screening Room is a set of online tools to help with assessment and provides diagnostic tools to help in understanding and treating specific addiction areas.  Please call to schedule an appointment to get an ID and token.

Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) Do I have a problem with Sex Addition?  Take the SAST. The SAST is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction. (Free)
Sexual Addiction Risk Assessment (SARA) is an anonymous and private sex addiction self-assessment; it compares your answers with thousands of other sex addicts who have preceded you in treatment. Thus, you have the benefit of comparing your life with the lives of others who share the same problem. ($29.95)
Partner  Sexuality Survey (PSS)  Are you the partner, or former partner, of a sex addict?  The Partner Sexuality Survey (PSS) can help to identify and analyse the impacts sex addiction has on the partners of addicts. (Free)
Money & Work Adaptive Styles Index (MWASI)
Post Traumatic Stress Index (PTSI) 
ABEL Screen The ABEL test is an instrument used to measure sexual interest. It is one of many tools that can be used in the evaluation process. The ABEL is a non-invasive computerized test that takes about 2 hours to complete. The ABEL measures deviant sexual interest,
Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI) is a comprehensive set questions that help identify specific areas that require focus and attention for long-term treatment and recovery.




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