Amendz Couples Coaches

Amendz Couples Coaches

Amendz Couples Coaches provide intensive, emotionally attuned, solution-focused couples coaching to strengthen healthy relationships and to support rebuilding those struggling.   . Our emotionally-focused method begins with an in-depth initial consultation, which usually lasts about 2 hours. In this first meeting, we will look at your relationship from each partner’s perspective, and identify where there are strengths and opportunities for change. We will collaborate with you to co-create a personalized coaching plan and we will provide you with initial insights that you can put to use immediately toward your goals.

The subsequent sessions in the plan may take many different forms in terms of time, frequency and location of sessions- including the therapist’s office, the clients’ home and/or online/telephone. Sessions  in the convenience your home or online/telephone may be available after initial assessment.

Our goal is to get you to your desired outcomes with the least possible time and financial investment

Coaching is generally not a replacement for psychotherapy or medication management One of the main differences between coaches and therapists is that therapy is focused on, or at least starts with, healing the client while coaching takes clients who are, for the most part, emotionally sound but “stuck

Amendz Couples Coaching is available to adults in a committed relationship with no history of physical abuse in the relationship.

Sessions are available in the office, in the convenience your home, or online/telephone  after initial assessment.

Areas we cover include, but are not limited to:





Work Conflicts

Past Traumas

The Amendz Coaching Team is made up of highly trained, experienced  members.

Availability- . Sessions are available in office or in the couple’s home. They may be provided by either a female or a male coach or as a team.