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Recovery Coach fills the gap

A recovery coach is not a therapist or a sponsor – instead it is an individual that helps train your spirit, mind, and body for the journey of recovery. Recovery has many stages and the coach is a source of support and guidance to strengthen and prepare you to meet your life goals and work through the challenges of long-term recovery. The therapist is helpful dealing with issues from the past, the sponsor shares experience, strength, and hope from the 12-step point of view. The Recovery Coach fills in the gap looking forward to setting and reaching agreed upon life goals. My coach told me that a life of not’s (as in not acting-out) only leads to a knotted up life. The journey of recovery is ever expanding, stretching, and challenging the individual out of their comfort zone. Relapse is not inevitable but it is predictable. The Recovery Coach is your mirror to reflect your life goals and values.

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