Intimacy and Couples Issues


We understand that sexual addiction is a disorder or problem of intimacy. Many sex addicts report chronic histories of loneliness, difficulty trusting others, and feeling uncomfortable being close with those they love.

“Acting-out” sexually becomes a way to seek intimacy without being emotionally close. A pornographic image on a screen or a prostitute is not a place where emotional intimacy is required.At Amendz Relationship Institute we treat both the addiction and the underlying intimacy problem. We know that for spouses or partners of sex addicts, this pattern is confusing and devastating.

Our approach to marital and couples therapy takes into account the unique challenges that are faced by the couple impacted by sexual addiction. We are specifically trained to address the conflict resulting from disclosure of sexual secrets, the repairing of damaged trust, and the isolation due to sexual shame. We strive to assist couples to regain trust and establish healthy intimacy.

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