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MichelePicMichele Band MT 2952, CSAT,  EFT, Imago Marriage Education. Using proven research to make our vision of supporting individuals and partners struggling a with addiction.
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Candice’s Burke
Candice has over 25 years experience couple counseling in both private practice and in public sector specializing in all areas of relationship conflict and resolution.
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Larry Smith
Larry’s eclectic approach centers primarily on Emotionally Focused Couples Coaching, he also uses supportive, strength-based, interventions and client centered coaching.
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Amendz Relationship and Recovery Institute

Central Florida’s  First Comprehensive Treatment for Sex Addicts and Partners that focuses on the intimacy crisis, trauma, and the opportunity for healing relationships. Our therapists are licensed and trained by and use Dr. Carnes’ 30 task model for individuals, partners and family members. March 2014

Facing the Shadow: Men’s Task Groups

Overcoming Sexual Addiction, Pornography Use and Relationship Challenges and Pain